Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Even though my topic for my paper (Doulas) has a lot of information on it, I found that I had to try and keep from repeating myself.  The information about Doulas has a wide variety from what they do to help a woman giving birth, all the way to ways a Doula benefits.  All of the information intertwine in a way and coinside with eachother so for me to write a five page rough draft was a bit difficult.  For the actual paper I am just going to have to further search and go farther into detail about everything. 

Websites to help with Grammar Issues




Thesis statement of my paper

A doula is an uncommon work across the world that guides mothers during labor when they are in their most time of need.

The most important things I have learned in this class

Seeing as the papers we have to write are pretty long, I have learned not to stress myself out by putting homework off until the last minute.  I have a difficult time with procrastination, but I learned that if I just work on the homework a little bit every day, it will cause me less frustration and stress having to jam everything in at the last moment.  If I don't procrastinate I learned that I get better grades because I have more time to focus my attention on perfecting my work instead of just doing it to get it done. 

Worst Grammar Issues

I tend to have a difficult time with knowing where to use ;'s as well as when to use a comma after certain words.