Wednesday, December 14, 2011


1. changes the meaning
2. alter the original material fairly
3. alters the original material fairly
4. alters the original material fairly
5. changes the meaning

Keywords for my topic

* Doula
* Benefits
* myhts
* midwife
* help involved
* stories
* perfect birth
* postpardum

What I would have done differently

I would not have procrastinated as long.  I always tend to wait until the last minute to get everything done, because I feel like when I am under pressure I work harder and think more clearly.  Also blogging ahead of time, and in order would have helped me with my research paper, seeing as there were blogs that were supposed to be written about grammer sites and tips to help with writing.  I would have been able to actually look up sites to read that could have helped me with my paper in the long run. 

Research papers

I have previously written about Australia and researched all about the differences between Australia and America.  In the past I have been in English classes that have required writing research papers on numerous topics.  I feel as if every English class has an assignment where researching a topic to write about will take place. 


If I wouldn't have waited until last minute to do all the last few blogs then I think that blogging would have helped with my research as well as writing more proficiently. 

Important Paragraph Elements

I remembered talking about DUCK, and what it stands for when it comes to well written paragraphs. 

D - Developed
U - Unified
C - Cohesive
K - Key to a good paragraph


I really can't express any knowledge about statistics other than it is the study of data, or more so getting extreme measurements of information about something....if that makes any sense.

I have never taken a statistics course, and I feel that if I were to, it would be a tough class.  That is just a huge assumption though