Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three top Subjects to write about

The most interesting topic I can think to write about would be Doulas across the world.  Not many people know what a doula is, so  I feel like writing a paper on what a doula is, and all about it, would be interesting to many people.  Another topic I think would be interesting for others to read about is the difference between Australia and America.  I have been to Australia twice before, for an entire month, and as I was there I was constantly seeing differences between where I live, and there.  The last topic I can think to write about that sparks my interest is the different ways parents teach their children as they're growing up.  In psychology I learned about different parenting methods used for children, and the outcomes of each parents kid when they grow up.  I find all three of these really interesting, and I feel like every single one I could come up with a lot of information to write about.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curiosity killed the cat

1. I am curious about why Australia has certain animals that you can not find around our area.
2. I have been in many english classes in the past, each having me write all different kinds of papers.  I have done multiple research papers before, even for classes that were'nt english class.
3.There is no actual reason for why there are animals in some areas then not in another, or I will not be able to find enough information.