Wednesday, December 14, 2011


1. changes the meaning
2. alter the original material fairly
3. alters the original material fairly
4. alters the original material fairly
5. changes the meaning

Keywords for my topic

* Doula
* Benefits
* myhts
* midwife
* help involved
* stories
* perfect birth
* postpardum

What I would have done differently

I would not have procrastinated as long.  I always tend to wait until the last minute to get everything done, because I feel like when I am under pressure I work harder and think more clearly.  Also blogging ahead of time, and in order would have helped me with my research paper, seeing as there were blogs that were supposed to be written about grammer sites and tips to help with writing.  I would have been able to actually look up sites to read that could have helped me with my paper in the long run. 

Research papers

I have previously written about Australia and researched all about the differences between Australia and America.  In the past I have been in English classes that have required writing research papers on numerous topics.  I feel as if every English class has an assignment where researching a topic to write about will take place. 


If I wouldn't have waited until last minute to do all the last few blogs then I think that blogging would have helped with my research as well as writing more proficiently. 

Important Paragraph Elements

I remembered talking about DUCK, and what it stands for when it comes to well written paragraphs. 

D - Developed
U - Unified
C - Cohesive
K - Key to a good paragraph


I really can't express any knowledge about statistics other than it is the study of data, or more so getting extreme measurements of information about something....if that makes any sense.

I have never taken a statistics course, and I feel that if I were to, it would be a tough class.  That is just a huge assumption though

Annotation related to topic

Bailey, Teresa, and Jan Mallak. "Doula’s Guide to Birthing Your Way." Heart and Hands Doula Service (2010). Web.

In Teresa Bailey’s and Jan Mallaks article “Heart and Hands Doula Service” they go into detail about how every pregnant woman should be able to have the dream birth every woman would love to have. They explain how the effects of a doulas support increase birthing experiences and that the effects on labor interact and coincide with one another having to deal with the way a mother wants their birth to be. From greater satisfaction with childbirth, the babies having shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions to special care nurseries, all the way to the cost of obstetrical care being dramatically reduced, Doulas Guide to Birthing Your Way shows that the effects on the mother, and on the baby as well as the effects on the heath care system go hand in hand with how every mother wants their birth experience to be.

Grab 'n Snatch citation

Mark Stevens and Jay, Clark. "SNATCH 'N GRAB Sheedy's Mission To Snare Daniher, Golds." Herald Sun (Melbourne) (2010): 88. Newspaper Source. Web. 7 Dec. 2011.

Exercise 4.1 Research Questions

1. What is a Doula?
2. What are the benefits of hiring a doula?
3. What does a doula do?
4. What is the difference between a midwife and a doual?
5. Will a doula take the place of the mothers husband?


* What a doula is
* What a doual does
* Why hire a doula
* How to hire a doula
* Benefits of hiring a doula
* Common myths about doulas
* Different stories from mothers who hired a doula
* How to become a certified doula

Tissue Paper Bike

I thought this paper was a bit tough at first, after I asked about it though I was helped and then caught on, and ended up learning a few things. It helped me understand a bit more about citing at the end of sentences and citations overall.

15.1 Visuals

I am more of a visual learner, so when there are a lot of clear visuals in books (not pictures, more words), I am more likely to get into the book than if there weren't any. 


Seeing as I had already finished my paper before writing all of my blogs, my progress is successfully complete! I have already turned in my paper, and am just crossing my fingers for a good grade. :)


My mom is actually a doula, so when I went home over the weekend I had her check everything over to make sure I was right with all my information as well as if I had all the information I could possibly talk about.  I also googled tips on revising papers, and ended up with some very good information everyone should try and remember and base their paper off of.

"Question: What's the secret to writing effective emails, letters, reports, and proposals?

Answer: Why, all you have to do is follow the four Cs:
Be clear, concise, considerate, and correct.
Whether you're writing a two-line email or a ten-page report, anticipate the needs of your readers and remember the four Cs."

I am writing a paper for History class right now, and this website also has helped me with that paper.

Titles for my Topic

Good titles I had to choose between were
1. Through the Eyes of a Doula
2. Mothering the Mother
3. Caregivers For Mothers

Bad titles, more on the boring side
1. Doulas
2. Caregivers

#25 My topic

I think I did a good job with providing enough information on my topic.  I have grown up around "doula talk" for more than half my life, so I already knew a lot about it.  I am definitely happy that I chose Doulas as my topic because there is so much to know about it, and it was interesting getting more elaborate information. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Even though my topic for my paper (Doulas) has a lot of information on it, I found that I had to try and keep from repeating myself.  The information about Doulas has a wide variety from what they do to help a woman giving birth, all the way to ways a Doula benefits.  All of the information intertwine in a way and coinside with eachother so for me to write a five page rough draft was a bit difficult.  For the actual paper I am just going to have to further search and go farther into detail about everything. 

Websites to help with Grammar Issues




Thesis statement of my paper

A doula is an uncommon work across the world that guides mothers during labor when they are in their most time of need.

The most important things I have learned in this class

Seeing as the papers we have to write are pretty long, I have learned not to stress myself out by putting homework off until the last minute.  I have a difficult time with procrastination, but I learned that if I just work on the homework a little bit every day, it will cause me less frustration and stress having to jam everything in at the last moment.  If I don't procrastinate I learned that I get better grades because I have more time to focus my attention on perfecting my work instead of just doing it to get it done. 

Worst Grammar Issues

I tend to have a difficult time with knowing where to use ;'s as well as when to use a comma after certain words. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog #5 The Three P's

Patchwriting- Considered plagiarism unless it is all directly quoted (with quotation marks, indents, italics) Appropriate references is supposed to be used also.

Paraphrasing- Doing your own work, using your own wording.
Plagerism- Taking someone else's work and calling it your own, without giving them the credit of writing it themselves. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three top Subjects to write about

The most interesting topic I can think to write about would be Doulas across the world.  Not many people know what a doula is, so  I feel like writing a paper on what a doula is, and all about it, would be interesting to many people.  Another topic I think would be interesting for others to read about is the difference between Australia and America.  I have been to Australia twice before, for an entire month, and as I was there I was constantly seeing differences between where I live, and there.  The last topic I can think to write about that sparks my interest is the different ways parents teach their children as they're growing up.  In psychology I learned about different parenting methods used for children, and the outcomes of each parents kid when they grow up.  I find all three of these really interesting, and I feel like every single one I could come up with a lot of information to write about.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Curiosity killed the cat

1. I am curious about why Australia has certain animals that you can not find around our area.
2. I have been in many english classes in the past, each having me write all different kinds of papers.  I have done multiple research papers before, even for classes that were'nt english class.
3.There is no actual reason for why there are animals in some areas then not in another, or I will not be able to find enough information.